Host/pathogen data for 'Joint sequencing of human and pathogen genomes reveals the genetics of pneumococcal meningitis' available on EGA


I have recently gotten round to adding the human data (and links to pathogen data, which has been available on the ENA since publication) to the managed access European Genome-Phenome Archive.

The sharing of human genotype data is a little more fraught than bacterial genome data due to patient ethics and other issues, but the EGA offers a good solution for protecting this while making the data as open as possible.

There’s a risk with this kind of research data that it may either have been at some point a) very difficult to find, or even completely lost and b) potentially compromised. I’m happy that it now officially lives on the EGA where it can be responsibly reused, and is stored securely!

The relevant genotyping data can be found on study EGAS00001005993, and includes the called genotypes from the arrays, imputed genotypes, and metadata used for the manuscript.